BBQ Catering & Delivery Options for Special Events

A finger-licking barbecue is the ultimate comfort food. It combines sweetness from the sauces with the heat from various spice rubs. Everyone is in a good mood. The sides turn the heat down just a little to ready the palate for the next taste. But whom should you entrust with cooking up the goodies at your next party, corporate shindig, or buffet-style reception? While there might be plenty of volunteers raising their hands right about now, why not entrust the task to BBQ catering experts?

What a BBQ Catering Firm Brings to the Table (in addition to the food)

For starters, the caterer might bring the tables themselves along with chairs, linens, china, centerpieces, and whatever else you need to serve an intimate party or large group. This company also hosts the beverage service, which is integral to washing down the spicy barbecued food. Next, consider that caterers are often also event planners. Therefore, they have an in with DJs, bands, wedding cake bakers, and similar specialists. Why not have someone else do the legwork for you?

Great BBQ Food Thrives on Variety

To be finger-licking yummy, the food has to have been slow-smoked for about half a day – or longer. Moreover, you want to get the distinctive flavor of hickory with just a touch of pecan. Options abound.

  • Pulled pork. When you are serving homemade loaves of bread along with your BBQ, pulled pork is a timeless favorite. When using lean meat, the sauces become the stars. Most importantly, you taste the goodness of the smoking that the meat underwent.
  • Pulled chicken. Tomato-based barbecue sauces combine with the pulled smoked chicken for a fantastic accompaniment to red skin potato salad.
  • Beef brisket. Is there anyone who does not hunger for barbecued brisket? Serve it alongside whipped potatoes, garden green beans, and a tomato-cucumber salad.

Of course, nobody says that you have to stick with these pairing suggestions. Mix and match! And have something for vegetarian and vegan partygoers, too. Barbecued baked beans, for example, are great when you go with a vegetarian way of cooking them. Grill jackfruit and mix it with barbecue sauce for a taste that might make even the carnivores reach for this sandwich.

BBQ at a Wedding? Graduation? Backyard Party? Yes!

Barbecued food is the kind of fare that makes people pull up a chair and sit down. It is not stuffy. However, it can be served in ways to suit a formal occasion. Similarly, it can be presented to underscore the laid-back aspects of a fun evening with friends. There are endless ways of presenting this style of cooking that you can confidently put it on any menu.

Work With BBQ Catering Pros

Low Country Catering has spent plenty of time helping friendly folks just like you with celebrating special occasions. They have the expertise you need to pull off a perfect sit-down meal, buffet station setup or chef-carving station presentation that will put your barbecue over the top. Best of all, they handle the low-and-slow smoking of all the meat.

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