The Benefits of Backyard BBQ Catering For Your Event

Food, fun, and content are part of any event. Whether you host a meet-and-greet for customers at a retail business, plan a baby shower, put together a wedding reception, or introduce yourself to the new neighborhood, the food is a focal point of any gathering. Could you go with pre-packaged food? Sure. But if you want to make a great impression without busting your budget, only backyard BBQ catering will do.

How Does Backyard BBQ Catering Work?

When you work with Low Country Catering, it can be anything you would like it to be.

  • Corporate excellence. The food is sufficiently highbrow to impress the CFO. At the same time, it is so tasty that everyone will ask if there are seconds. Choose the sit-down option or go for a buffet line.
  • Social occasions. A backyard barbecue needs the style of food that guests smell grilling when they first pull up to your house. This is BBQ that neighbors will talk about for weeks to come. It offers the down-home cooking you love and the catering service that lets you mingle with guests.
  • Formal occasions. Weddings, engagement parties, and similar gatherings have a meal that must pass muster. Moreover, you need help with the party rentals from tables to linens. This is where your backyard BBQ caterer truly shines.

Benefits of This Menu Option

The advantage of barbecued food is the versatility of the menu. Sure, there are the traditional pulled pork, beef tenderloin, and baby back ribs. However, you can easily elevate the cuisine with options that include stuffed boneless quail, lamb chops, and crab cakes

Side dishes follow suit. Whipped potatoes are a staple. The same goes for roasted potatoes or potatoes au gratin. However, why not add some braised carrots, grilled asparagus, or sun-dried tomato hummus?

Options continue with the dessert menu. It is easy to forget that backyard barbecue catering should include the kind of dessert that leaves people begging for more. Creamy banana pudding or lime pie tartlets could be the options your guests might enjoy. Of course, there are always additional choices.

What about Beverages?

Low Country Catering provides non-alcoholic bar services that ensure your guests always have a tasty drink to wash down their food and help cool their mouths after a particularly spicy dish. Beverage service includes all the glassware you might need as well as the other miscellaneous items to ensure that the drinks fit in perfectly with your chosen meal selection.

Not Sure About BBQ Catering?

Could you barbecue the food yourself or maybe have some employees share grill duty? Sure, it is possible. However, do you think that the food will have the same gourmet quality? Probably not. Besides that, you would have the headache of planning for rental items, maintaining an accurate headcount, buying the food, and doing all the prep work. Worse still, you will not be able to mingle with your guests and enjoy the event just as they do. When someone else does the cooking and handles the backyard BBQ catering, you are just like one of the guests. These are good times!

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